Industrial Drum Heaters

Nicropad drum heating system is highly efficient in melting the viscous materials in standard drums. Nicropad offers drum heating in different ways : One is a metallic drum heater and the other type is flexible drum heating pads to wrap on drum.


Metallic Drum heater is in 2 equal halves jointed one side with hinges and the other side locking system. The Drum heater is made with an inner sheath of 3mm MS and outer sheath of 1mm MS. Movement: The drum heater can bring it to drum spot with the help of castors provided to the drum heater. Heating system: Flexible heating pads of 6 nos (3 on each side) fixed in such a way that the inner sheath has to get uniform heating. It will be backed with 75mm thick insulation to avoid the heat losses to atmosphere, so that the outer sheath will have a minimum temperature. However other options like tubular heaters, Mineral insulated cables for higher temperatures also will be given in place of heating jackets depending upon the application and cost factor. For complete details refer our brochure. Horizontal model is also available.

Power Load: Total 6 heaters and each heater will have 750 watts single phase AC supply. Total wattage: 4.5 K.W. connecting to 3 phase. More power load is optional: Maximum load can be given upto 9 K.W.

Controlling system: A suitable control panel along with one digital temperature indicating cum controller, PT-100 thermocouple can be arranged. This control panel can be given separately or can be mounted on the drum heater itself for easy operation of the drum heater.
For fast and accurate heating a base heater with 1 K.W load will be given.


Nicropads flexible electric surface heating pads which can be wrapped on drums to melt the viscous material in the drums. These heating pads are made with nichrome wire and fiberglass cloth/ Teflon coated fiberglass cloth/siicon coated glass cloth depending upon the temperature requirement and site conditions. Nicropads heating pads are highly flexible and will have a proper contact with the surface of the drum allowing no air gap. These pads are highly efficient in producing uniform heat to the entire barrel. The element in the heater is insulated with fiberglass yarn and the heater is backed with 40mm thick insulation to avoid the heat losses to atmosphere. On each drum a single pad or multiple pads can be used. Available in different wattages. These pads can be operated through a control panel or with thermostat.

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