Fuel Handling Systems

Nicropad undertakes the total turnkey project including Storage, pumping, filtering, heating, temperature maintenance of various fuel oils like LDO, HFO, LSHS, HSD, Edible oils etc., A typical oil handling system involves mechanical, electrical and instrumentation expertise. Our team designs sustainable solutions with prime emphasis over energy conservation.

Design Features

  • Unloading Stations with Pumps
  • Centrifuge for separation of sludge from Oil
  • Storage Tanks for storage of fuel
  • Pumping Skids for transfer of fuel
  • Filtration System for fine filtration of fuel
  • Day Tanks as per consumptions of plant
  • Heating Unit (Stagnant and Dynamic Fuel)
  • Heat Tracing to maintain temperature of fuel
  • Thermal Insulation to retain heat losses of fuel
  • Power Distributions system alongwith cabling
  • Instrumentation system
  • Oil/Water Separator.

Our Product Gallery

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