Electric Heat Tracing

Nicropads design, manufacture, supply, install and commissions flexible electrical heat tracers. These are Highly Flexible in nature, can be wrapped on pipelines carrying viscous liquids, so as to maintain it at elevated temperature thus facilitating easy flow.

Temperature ranges from - 60 deg. C to + 250 deg. C. Totally moisture & chemical proof to use under outdoor conditions. Widely used for temperature maintenance application of F.O, R.F.O, L.S.H.S., LDO, Bitumen, Menthol, Chemicals, Wax, Paints, Glucuse, Edible oils etc.,

Available in different models

Constant wattage series resistance heat tracer: These are fixed length heat tracers available from 2mt to 25mt long. Connecting leads will be given at one end with a ¾” gland to connect it to a junction box. These are factory terminated. These tracers are to be used in full length and cannot cut in between. Constant wattage parallel resistance heat tracer: These are available in long lengths up to 100 and 200mt bundles. As per the site conditions, you can cut these length as per the requirement. One side a double compressor ¾” gland and the other side end seal can be used. Self regulating heat tracers: These are self regulating self limiting tracers with a constant temperature and falling output.

Available wattages: 12W, 16W, 25W, 33W, 45W per mtr at 230V, 1 PH, AC supply. Design as per BS-6351. Nicropads undertakes the complete turn key like design, supply, install and commission the heat tracers, controlling system, insulation, preheaters, filters, storage tank heating system-immersion and outflow heaters etc.,

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