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Delivering Quality Heating Solutions

Nicropads understands the requirements of clients and delivers high quality custom products and services. All our products are economical, produce uniform heating and are pollution – free and maintenance-free. We’ve been constantly updating our technology to deliver excellent products and services for our clients.

We design, manufacture, supply, install and commission various industrial heating systems. These products are highly flexible, and can be installed on surface of the equipment where the material has to be heated or temperature to be maintained.

Nicropads Heat Tracers are suitable to maintain the temperature of heavy fuel oils, edible oils, chemicals etc., in pipelines and tanks. These tracers are available in three models like constant wattage series resistance tracer, constant wattage parallel resistance tracer and self regulating heat tracers.

Nicropads Heating Jackets are highly flexible in nature and can be made as per the size and shape of the equipment to be heated. The temperature range will be upto 800 deg.C.

Nicropads Metallic Drum Heater is a mobile oven which can bring to the drum spot and can be wrapped on the drum to melt any viscous materials in standard drums. To melt any viscous materials in standard drums, Nicropad Drum Heating Pads can be used. These are highly flexible and can be wrapped on the drum surface to produce uniform heating to the entire drum.

Nicropads manufactures heating vessels, floor heating mats, power saving heating pads for plastic industries and also undertake industrial insulation works.

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Our Products and Services

Finest Quality and Eco Friendly Solutions

Electrical Heat Tracing

Nicropad Electric Heat tracers are most suitable to maintain the temperature of heavy fuel oils, edible oils, chemicals etc., in storage tanks and pipelines. These are in two types - constant wattage type and self regulating type. Read more..

Fuel Oil Handling System

Nicropad undertakes the total turnkey like design, manufacture, supply, erection and commission the entire system for fuel oil handling like immersion and outflow heaters for storage and service tanks, heat tracing for tanks and pipelines, filters, heating and pumping, insulation, control panel, level gauges and level switches etc.,

Electrical Surface Heating Pads

Nicropad offers flexible heating pads for reaction kettles, auto claves and for any un even shaped equipments. These heating pads will produce uniform heating to the entire material and these are made as per the size and shape of the equipment to be heated. Highly efficient in transferring the heat. Designed upto 600 deg.C.

Industrial Drum Heaters

Nicropad offers Drum heaters in various models to melt any viscous materials in standard drums. Metallic drum heaters in vertical and horizontal are like a mobile oven to bring the drum heater to drum spot and warp it over the drum. For faster heating, Nicropad offers drum heating pads in different models which are highly flexible in nature.

Immersion and Outflow Heaters

Nicropad Immersion and outflow heaters are most suitable for storage and service tanks to raise the temperature of contents. These heaters are easily repairable or replaceable without removing the contents from the tanks. Low watt density and long life heaters suitable hazardous and non hazardous areas. Designed upto 250 K.W.

Industrial Thermal Insulation

Nicropad undertakes all types of industrial thermal insulation for hot and cold applications.

Stress relieving pads

Nicropads supplies flexible stress relieving pads of different sizes as per the customers requirement. These are applied as pre heating and post heating in welding process of heavy metals to relieve the stress. Designed to meet the temperature from 200 deg.C to 800 deg.C.

Power Saving Heating Pads

Nicropad offers power saving heating pads to replace band and ceramic heaters to plastic extruders, injection and blow moulding machines. Nicropad heating pads saves power consumption upto 40% and also reduces the power load, keeps atmosphere pleasant.

Flexible Heating Tapes

Nicropad heating tapes are highly flexible in nature and can be wrapped on pipelines, valves, flanges, columns and on any uneven shaped equipment to raise and maintain the temperature of the contents.


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