Nicropads design, manufacture, supply, install and commission various industrial heating systems. These products are highly flexible, and can be installed on surface of the equipments where the material has to be heated or temperature to be maintained.

Nicropad Flexible Electric Heat Tracers

Nicropads design, manufacture, supply, install and commissions flexible electrical heat tracers. These are Highly Flexible in nature, can be wrapped on pipelines carrying viscous liquids, so as to maintain it at elevated temperature thus facilitating easy flow

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Nicropad Metallic Drum Heaters

Metallic Drum heater is in 2 halves jointed one side with hinges and the other side locking system. The Drum heater is made with an inner sheath of 3mm MS and outer sheath of 1mm MS.

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Nicropad Heating Tapes

Nicropad heating tapes are highly flexible in nature and can be wrapped on pipelines, valves, flanges, columns and on any uneven shaped equipment to raise and maintain the temperature of the contents.

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Nicropad Line Heaters-pre Heating System

Nicropads design, manufacture, supply install and commission preheating system and line heaters to raise the temperature of the contents flowing through pipelines. For heavy fuel oils, the required temperature varies from place to place and at certain places temperature has to be raised.

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Nicropad Power Saving Heaters for Plastic Units

Nicropad heaters are highly flexible in nature and can be fixed on the barrel of the machine without allowing air gap. The insulation provided over the element is highly efficient in transfering the heat to the barrel. Nicropad heaters require 30 to 50% less wattage comparing with band/ceramic heaters to produce sufficient heat in minimum time.

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Nicropad Flexible Heating Jackets

Nicropad heating jackets are highly flexible in nature and can be used to raise and maintain the temperature of contents in tanks, reaction kettles, uneven shaped vessels, dish ends, conical bottoms of vessels where the heat is required.

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Nicropad Drum Heating Pads

For heating viscous materials in standard drums Nicropads offers flexible electric surface heating pads which can be wrapped on drums to melt the material in the drums. These heating pads are made with nichrome wire and fiberglass cloth/ Teflon coated fiberglass cloth. Nicropads heating pads are highly flexible and will have a proper contact with the surface of the drum allowing no air gap.

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Nicropad Immersion And Outflow Heaters

Nicropads design, manufacture, supply, install and commission immersion and outflow heaters which are most suitable for storage tanks of oils, chemicals and any contents for raising the temperature. These heaters are best alternative to tubular immersion heaters. Nicropads designed the system in such a way, that whenever any heater is required to replace, it is not necessary to remove the contents from the tank.

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Nicropad Industrial Insulation

Nicropads undertakes all types of industrial insulation.

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Nicropad Control Panels

Nicropad supplies the control panels to operate the heating systems. These are designed as per the system required.

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